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Man, it’s gonna be weird when I start posting non-harvest moon stuff >_>

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Huh, apparently the Doctor from Mineral Town is actually named Trent.

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Version 4.0
Harvest Moon: (M)FoMT - True Love Edition

The latest version of everyone’s favorite gay-friendly farming simulator is here!  If you haven’t heard by now, the True Love Edition switches the player characters from the GBA games Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town and Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town.  This means that, for the first time, all you farm-girls can date and marry all the gorgeous ladies of Mineral Town, and all you farm-boys can date and marry all the dorks who wear strange headgear with their tuxedos…

This version is mostly a bunch of bug fixes in both the original game and the TLE edition.  Characters no longer spout random bits of German/Japanese, and many item names and spelling mistakes were corrected.  While I couldn’t quite fix all of them (some are notoriously difficult to test), this version should be very close to the final version of the game.

I want to thank everyone for sending in bug reports.  They helped greatly, and I managed to hammer out all the kinks.  I also want to thank who have been making tumblr posts about their game progress.  Reading your blog entries really put a smile on my face.  I, of course, want to thank everyone who has sent kind words in my inbox.  I don’t really get to answer all of them (mostly because I’m terrible at the whole blogging thing), but all your messages make me smile uncontrollably.

Without further ado, it’s time to fall in love all over again!

Harvest Moon: True Love Edition

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Labor Day weekend means more time to do stuff!  Got some stuff done, and might put out a release this weekend. :D

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Anonymous said: hi sorry to bother you but i hard patched harvest moon true love edition (the girl version) and it works perfectly on my computer but when i download it onto my iphone with the gba4ios app it just shows a blank white screen?? is there any way to fix this? thank you :)

I honestly have no idea.  I would try a different emulator.  Unfortunately, not all emulators handle rom hacks gracefully.

Also, never apologize for bothering me.  Believe it or not, I am quite sociable.

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Anonymous said: Hello, I downloaded the game and the emulator separately. I wanted to play the Girl x Girl one but as the game starts claire looks messed up and after filling up the character info it just becomes a plain white screen. How do I fix this?

Make sure you are using the North American version of Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town.  A lot of download sites have the EU/English version for download, so double check your version.

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sleiphericwings said: Sorry to bother you, but it's still not working. The file in the drop box doesn't seem to go with mac because it's not in zip form. Do you think you could give a small faq?

Sorry for the late reply.  I just added mac instructions on how to hard patch your rom.  Check it out here.


Just go to Hard Patch > Mac Instructions.

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sleiphericwings said: You say this is for mac but I can't get the file working. Also, playmac doesn't work for me well. Does this work for openemu?

I would try Mac Boy Advanced.  I’m not sure if it lets you soft patch, but you can at least try a hard patched rom.

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inksplashed-heart said: Hi, I'm so sorry to bother you, but I transferred my girlxgirl game to my Android phone, with the emulator My Boy, and when I try to save, it says save failed. Is there something I did wrong? It works fine on VBA on my laptop...

Unfortunately moving saves is a tricky thing.  I’m actually not sure if there’s a reliable way to transfer a save from one emulator to a different one, unless the people who make the emulator have some way to convert them.  That’s sort of outside my realm of knowledge, to be honest.

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Anonymous said: I can only play gba rooms on my android and there is no app for patching games... Is there a link to an already patched rom?

You’ll have to perform a hard patch to get the game working on android.  Instructions on how to hard patch is here:


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uxoriosis said: Hello! First I want to thank you for all your hard work- I DREAMED of romancing Ann as a girl player since I played it when I was little. It's a dream come true. Second, I wanted to ask- I tried gameshark codes, but the mastercodes keep saying that it's for a different game and won't work. I'm using the f/f version, can I ask what codes you use/know will work on it?

The F/F version will use the same codes as Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town.

Be sure to check if the codes out there work for the proper version.  I noticed that some of the sites list the codes for the EU version of the game, not the NA version.

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tinymdraws said: My apologies if this has bee asked before, But is it possible to make a True Love Edition of Magical Melody? It has both the female and male PC already in it. I think it would just be triggering the flag for marriage and Heart events for all available bachelor and bacholrettes?

Basic answer is “???????”.  This stuff is never quite as easy as you might think.  It’s on my list of candidates to do, but there’s a lot of research involved in the whole thing.  Basically, don’t expect any release of any new HM:True Love any time soon.

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Anonymous said: (sorry if this has already been asked, i couldnt find an FAQ) would you consider working on converting harvest moon: ANB in the future to a homo-friendly version/do you think anyone will/is it even possible? i've heard the 3DS is hard to hack for some reason. Thanks!

At this point, impossible.

There is currently no way to play 3DS games on a PC, or any other device.  Even if I could hack the game, there would be no way for anyone to play it (and I’m not really in a position to manufacture and ship out 3DS carts to everyone!).

At this point, I’m researching Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness.   Most likely that will be the next game I work on.  Don’t expect anything soon, though.  I gotta get in the last few fixes for Friends of Mineral Town, and then I’ll look into working on DS games while trying to work on some other projects.

It’s gonna be really weird posting non Harvest Moon stuff on this blog, especially since so many of my followers are here for gay farms.

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Anonymous said: i dont actually know how patching work so if i hard patch it then another new patch comes out will i be able to hard patch it again? or i have to patch a new one?

You would have to patch the new one.  Your save game, however, should work for both versions.

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Anonymous said: hello! how are you? c: first, i'd like to thank you for your work on both versions of TLE! I think it's a wonderful idea and am very glad you shared it with the world c: here's my question: are there any changes to the script other than the pronouns? like an original script? I'm sorry if you already answered this! o u o

It’s mainly the gendered terms that were changed.  Any time you are referred to as the incorrect gender, or puts your gender into question, I made a change.  Pronouns and gendered terms were the easiest fix (he to she, girl to boy, man to woman, sister to brother), that sort of thing.

I did take a few liberties with some of the changes that made a gendered term into a neutral term (because they either sounded better or that it fit in the boxes better).  The baby will call the player character Mama or Papa, and will refer to the partner as Mommy or Dada/Daddy.

I also made a few fixes to some typos that were in the original game.

The rest of the script remains the same.  It’s actually pretty interesting how certain character events change subtext when the genders are changed (such as when Gray gives a boy some jewelry). 

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